Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wild Things and Doctor's visits

So, I realize that it's been a month since I posted anything on here and I am really sorry. Seems like there is always something to do with two kids! Everyone is good and we are enjoying having some cooler weather up here! It's still so good to see the sunshine-last week-I thought we would have to build an ark or find someone that could because of all the rain.
Spencer is such a character these days. He is trying his best to act "2" with the occasional meltdown but he is generally a really good kid. He loves to "tackle" his Daddy these days and roll around on the ground with him. Lately, when I tell him "no" he knows he will get in trouble if he says "no" back so he just growls at me. I've tried my hardest to get it on video or a picture but he is such a little stinker...anyway-I tell him, "wild thing-I love you so!" His language has really started coming out. Tonight he told me, "No mommy, that's not a little bus, that's a big bus!" Genius, pure genius I tell you.
Madeline (aka the moose) went to the doctor today for her 4 month appointment today. She is in the 99% for both height and weight. My girl has got some thighs-no doubt! She weighs 16.7 lbs (aka the moose). Her head is on the petite side (go figure!). This, of course, worries me a little but the doctor said not to worry-we will keep an eye on it and it will continue to grow. The doctor told Madeline today, "Do you know your only 4 months old? Your acting like a 6 month old!" Madeline did show off a bit today-she babbled to Dr. Sheth and rolled over both ways. So, developmentally she is right on target. She did have a double ear infection. No idea where that came from because she ran no fever or acted like she cared. She continues to be such a happy, content baby and loves watching her brother.
So...here are a few recent pictures to enjoy. I love Spencer's face in the first picture. He thinks that Hailey and Madeline are the funnest things ever! Notice Madeline's finger in one of them...that's what she thought of the South Carolina game!

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