Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello Old Friend

Hello, Hello...anyone out there? I'm BBBAACCKK. Hello world. Well, actually-hello Meme! Just wanted to update everyone and post pictures. Good grief, lots has happened since the kids had bathing suits on their heads and Madeline had a kitchen towel around her neck. To sum up: Michael went to work for a bunch of Catholics (sort of), Spencer started preschool, Spencer had parties at school, Madeline bumped her head, we picked out and carved pumpkins, we went trick o treating and then well...the pictures say it all.
Michael is coaching at Marist High School. It's a beautiful campus and Michael really likes the football staff.
Spencer started preschool 3 times per week and LOVES it. He loves being the line leader, loves talking about snack time and comes home singing new songs. It is definitely a positive change for him. With Spencer being in preschool Michael and I also got a chance to go to some parties. Michael went to Donuts with Dad and I went to Spencer's halloween party. Next up in a my FIRST teacher conference being a mommy and then the thanksgiving fest!
Then there's Mads. Delicate, graceful flower that she is tripped over Hailey and grazed the last step of our CARPETED stairs. I thought, "no biggie-she didn't even cry". WELL...the next day her head was swollen and then more swollen the next day. So, we spent the day at the doctors office just to find out that she is fine and one tough cookie.
We also picked out pumpkins and carved a pumpkin. See the post below for the pictures. Spencer was digging it but Madeline was not too crazy about the whole pumpkin thing this year.
Finally, we got to trick o treat. Spencer thought Halloween was FANTASTIC this year and really got into it. We had a blast trick or treating and then hanging out at the house and handing out candy.
SOOO-as you can from Spencer's picture-it's been a WILD ride and we are finally resting (see Spencer). At least for a few weeks, until the holiday craziness begins. YYIIPPEE!

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